Dada’s life

Working for Dada means having the opportunity to join a dynamic, brilliant and international context, where the contribution, experience and skills of each contribute to creating a work environment that is constantly evolving.

Be part of our team allows you to work in a cutting edge environment in every area of the business and the organization. We believe in Agile development methodologies and Lean Thinking, and we adopt in our daily work the Scrum principles.

What we are looking for:

Motivation, passion and positive vision, competence and creativity, ability to integrate and collaborate with colleagues.

What we offer:

Transparency of operations, sharing of projects and results, training and opportunities to accelerate the professional growth, convinced that the level of expertise of our team is our most valuable asset.

Equal opportunity

In Dada we believe that diversity is a value, and because of this we support, and we endorse the creation of our team believe that by comparing different views, cultures, background, arise and flow the best ideas. We develop the most of the talents and skills of women and men who work within the company, including through the recognition of gender differences, personal and cultural, and through the effective protection of equal opportunities for all.

We have colleagues from 10 different nationalities, with about 47% of women and 53% men.