Corporate Social Responsibility

The DADA Model

DADA’s Corporate Social Responsibility project was established at the end of 2006 with the decision to offer support to a special AMREF’s project for the following year. Since then, DADA has supported many not-for-profit organizations through annual donations and by sponsoring various organizations through its web properties.

Every year, a particular social issue is chosen with the intention of supporting as much as possible the needs and emergencies arising in the world around us. The commitment to environmental and social responsibility also permeates every aspect of our daily lives. Besides supporting projects by no-profit organizations during the years, DADA promotes an internal culture based on human respect and eco-sustainability, looking for the best solutions aimed at lower wastefulness and increase social responsibility of every single individual towards the environment. Since 2012, for example in the offices of our headquarter, plastic dishes were eliminated. Asking everyone to have a small personal kit (a glass cup, a cup for coffee and one for tea), we saved about 6,000 glasses + 5,000 plastic cups consumed each month for a total of 72,000 glasses and 60,000 cups each year.

If you belong to a non-profit organization and would like to tell your projects you can send an email to

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