Corporate Social Responsibility

Major supported projects


Last Christmas the DADA Group decided to make the dreams of a couple of children come true.

Through the Italian Make-A-Wish® Foundation, a non-profit organization that strives to fulfil the wishes of children and adolescents with serious illnesses, DADA will realize the dream of a 7 year old boy, who loves the sea and boats, by taking him on a cruise to the Canary Islands and the dream of a 6 year old girl, who adores fairy tales and princesses, by bringing her to Disneyland Paris on a trip of pure magic.
For a seriously ill child to have his wish come true gives hope that anything is possible. It means forgetting for a moment about being sick and going back to being just a child.


On December 2012 we decided that our annual charitable donation would go to Dynamo Camp to support the association during 2013 in their activities assisting children.

Dynamo Camp is a special camp for recreational therapy, the only one of its kind in Italy and part of the group SeriousFun Children’s Network, founded by Paul Newman, which has 14 camps worldwide. The first Camp opened in 1989 in the USA and the Italian Camp in 2007. The Camp gratuitously caters to children with serious illnesses during periods of treatment and post-hospitalization. It is a truly magical place where the therapy is laughter and joy, helping to restore hope to the children and their families.
For months we’ve kept in touch with those heading up the Camp and they’ve described what they’ve been doing. They’ve also repeatedly extended a warm invitation to come and see for ourselves how they carry out their activities and what their results are. We finally accepted and in June 2013 a delegation of DADA SpA visited the Camp subsequently sharing their extraordinary one day experience at the Camp with all the colleagues.

Website: Dynamo Camp


After the experience of 2007 with the building of a deep well in Uganda, DADA again joins AMREF to support the development of the Children’s Village in the district of Dagoretti in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenya is one of the poorest countries in the world and every year thousands of people pour into its capital, Nairobi, in vain search of a job and an opportunity to lift oneself out of the situation of extreme poverty and social disadvantage. 60% of the residents of Nairobi live in slums and survive on less than $1 a day, without access to basic services such as clean water, sanitation, education facilities and hospitals.

With support from DADA, dozens of children and adolescents in the slums of Dagoretti have received social and psychological assistance and were guided in a process of development of personal skills able to give them the opportunity to emerge from this situation of hardship and marginalization. The path of growth doesn’t end here, but by putting into practice what is learned will, over time, help hundreds and hundreds of children.

Web page: Amref Dagoretti Project


The DADA Group funded a project by the Consolata Ikonda Hospital in the Makete district, in Tanzania, aimed at preventing the transmission of HIV from mother to child in one of the poorest and most disadvantaged regions in the country.

Website: Ikonda Hospital


DADA supported the Theodora Non-profit Foundation in the creation of newDottor Sogni (clown doctors). These special doctors are professional artists trained to work in paediatric hospitals. Using creativity and improvisation, they create a connection with the children bringing them a little light-heartedness and joy.

Website: Theodora


The company participated in “Music for Abruzzo,” promoted by Rockol to support the people of Abruzzo affected by the severe earthquake of April 6th.

Web page: Music for Abruzzo


DADA supported the project “Jamila” by Pangea which is dedicated to the women of Kabul. The project allowed 58 Afghan women to have access to micro-financing that has enabled them to learn a new profession, raise the standard of living of their families and educate their children.

Web page: Pangea – Jamila Project


During 2007, DADA’s support of AMREF funded the construction of a deep well in the district of Gem Onyot in Uganda, which has allowed approximately 1,000 people to finally have access to drinking water.

Web page: Amref – Water and Sanitation