Our Values

What inspires and distingueshes us

Customer Oriented

Values are an integral part of DADA’s culture. They are what characterize us in our relationship with our customers and differentiates us from our competitors. They are the strength of the Group and a real asset to our business.


We are real people, honest, straightforward and always available. Respect for the human dimension and commitment to the outside environment are key components in the world of DADA.
Customer satisfaction characterizes every phase of our work.


We are flexible, open to change and, at the same time, focused on our goals.
We are a dynamic international business that communicates in six languages and recognizes the value of cultural diversity and different perspectives.
We are constantly looking for innovative and higher-quality services to support our customers in achieving their goals.


We are energetic and full of life! This expresses our passion for digital activities and inspires those around us. Enthusiasm for our work and the experience we have on the web helps to strengthen the relationship of trust we have with our customers.