logo-CISPESince February 2017, DADA is part of the European leader in Cloud Computing Infrastructure Services that declares the adherence of its Server, Cloud and Hosting services to the Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers (CISPE) Code of Conduct for Data Protection.

The main purpose of the Code is to contribute to the proper application of the new European Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’), aimed at strengthening the fundamental rights of citizens in the digital era.

DADA is involved in the work of deepening and managing the implementation of the Code, so that next June 23 will host the General Assembly and CISPE Board in Florence’s headquarter. On that occasion, the members of the Code of Conduct Task Force, chaired by the DADA Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer, will have the pleasure of meeting some of the customers who are interested in the topics of privacy and data processing, to receive feedback and suggestions. Customers who do business online and consider their digital presence as a key asset.